PortSIP Delivered Product to Chubb for Build Mission Critical Communication System

PortSIP and Chubb

PortSIP had announced delivered products to Chubb for building Mission Critical Communication System.

Chubb, based in UK with 30,000 employees and more than 200 million clients in globe, is the toppest leading provider for security and fire protection over worldwide.

With the modern development, cities around the world are seeking new technologies to tackle challenges arose from the complications and urgencies facing the public security. PortSIP, along with its standard protocols-based software applicable to LTE-based Public Safety network, have delivered increasingly flexible, high quality audio and video features for handling public urgent events, and came to the top choice for manufacturers building new generation communication system.

Having been through strict testing and evaluation among several exellent competitors, PortSIP outstands of all and win the order from Chubb for its extraordinary performance. This is a new milestone for PortSIP after KPMG, Keysight, Philips, Dialogic, Netflix, etc. established companies choose PortSIP. PortSIP will continue to manage clients' expectations and improve the product quality and services, so as to help with clients' pains and difficulties.

About PortSIP (www.portsip.com)

PortSIP is a leading provider of software IP PBX, VoIP SDK, SIP SDK, Softphone SDK , video conferencing and WebRTC technologies over IP and wireless networks, offering end-to-end visual communications that help businesses collaborate more efficiently.
Our customers include some of the world's largest telecommunications service providers and IT companies, including but not limited to HP, Philips, CallCentric, Qualcomm, NEC, Cisco (Brazil), Siemens (India), Unify Inc., KMPG (Taiwan), Agilent, Keysight, Fujitsu, and Alibaba Group. PortSIP and its partners provide flexible Unified Communications solutions for any environments to deliver extraordinary communications experience and universal investment protection.

About Chubb (www.chubb.co.uk)

Founded in 1818, Chubb is a leading provider of security and fire-safety solutions for business and organisations. The company is based and enlisted in UK. With employment of 30,000 employees, Chubb has operated over 140 branches and offices in globe.

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