PortSIP Provides Telstra with RCS SDK


In recent days, Telstra (https://www.telstra.com.au/) signed the procurement contract with PortSIP, officially settled to purchase PortSIP VoIP SDK as the development framework of their RCS (Rich Communication Suite).

As the largest communication operator in Australia, Telstra is the only state-owned enterprise serving 30 million customers. They seek out for stable, full-featured and powerful VoIP communication framework with efficient and superior maintenance and support service to meet their requirements on RCS applications. After the strict comparison and testing against multiple products from various companies, PortSIP outstands and wins the offer.

PortSIP will continue their focus on technical development, dig out and discover marketing needs, continuously strike for improving the product quality and service, to serve companies and communication operators in worldwide with extraordinary software and support.

About PortSIP (www.portsip.com)
PortSIP is a leading provider of software IP PBX, VoIP SDK, SIP SDK, Softphone SDK , video conferencing and WebRTC technologies over IP and wireless networks, offering end-to-end visual communications that help businesses collaborate more efficiently.
Over 5,000 companies around the world are benefiting from PortSIP products, including Qualcomm, Keysight, HP, Phillips, Simens (India), Unify,Inc., Dialogic, KMPG (Taiwan), NEC, Fujitsu, Avaya, Netflix, Chubb, Ascend Group, and Telstra. PortSIP and its partners strive to provide enterprises with flexible unified communication solutions to implement extraordinary communication experience in various circumstances with full service support.

About Telstra (https://www.telstra.com.au/)
Telstra is the largest communication operator and the only state-owned enterprise in Australia. As the leading communication and service provider in Australia, it features with rich internet experience.

Telstra ranks 88 in 2017 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands posted on June 6th, 2017.