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PortSIP 2018 Bootcamp 希腊站成功举行

PortSIP bootcamp

2018年12月24日,全球领先的下一代统一通信解决方案提供商 PortSIP (博瞻信息)的希腊独家代理商 INTERBIT 成功举办 PortSIP 2018 bootcamp (希腊站),希腊全国20多家分销商参加。   INTERBIT 向各级分销商介绍了 PortSIP 的系列产品的功能和特性,优势和销售政策,并分享 PortSIP 统一通信解决方案在全球的各个成功案例。 INTERBIT 之前是 3CX 代理商,3CX 是 PortSIP 在中小企业市场的主要竞争对手。在接触 PortSIP 产品之后,INTERBIT 被 PortSIP 产品的独特优势所吸引,对 PortSIP 发展前景非常看好,转而代理 PortSIP 产品,并计划在 2019 年向全欧洲代理拓展 PortSIP 的产品和业务。

PortSIP Announces INTERBIT as a New Distributor

PortSIP Distributor

Feb 2 2018— PortSIP, the software-based Unified Communications Solution and INTERBIT, Greece-based IT Distributor are pleased to announce a new partnership, making INTERBIT an official exclusive distributor of PortSIP in Greece and Cyprus.     INTERBIT is a specialty IT Distributor of advanced voice, data and video communications, and technologies headquartered in Heraklion, Crete Greece. Through their network [...]

PortSIP Assists Dialogic Telus Home Hub Program

PortSIP Assists Dialogic Telus Home Hub Program

In recent days, the leading enterprise communication software developer PortSIP Solutions, Inc. has settled agreements with Dialogic Corporation on providing Dialogic with software and technical support for Telus Home Project. Dialogic is a notable provider of CTI products in globe, whose Dialogic HMP used to lead absolute predominance in related field. After the acquisition by [...]

PortSIP Provides Telstra with RCS SDK


In recent days, Telstra ( signed the procurement contract with PortSIP, officially settled to purchase PortSIP VoIP SDK as the development framework of their RCS (Rich Communication Suite). As the largest communication operator in Australia, Telstra is the only state-owned enterprise serving 30 million customers. They seek out for stable, full-featured and powerful VoIP communication [...]

PortSIP Assisted Ascend Group on IMS Access to Huawei

PortSIP Huawei IMS

PortSIP has sucessfully delivered IMS access for Huawei into Ascend Group upon agreement. Ascend Group is a subsidiary of Charoen Pokphand based in Thailand, a spin-off from one of the three largest communication provider True Group in early 2015. With its business covering commercial business, electronic payment, digital marketing and venture investment, Ascend has expanded [...]

PortSIP VoIP SDK v15 is ready


Jun 8, 2017 – PortSIP - A leading provider and developer of next-generation Unified Communications, released PortSIP VoIP SDK V15. This is a major update for PortSIP VoIP SDK over the last two years with fruitful new features and enhancements. We strongly recommend you to upgrade to the latest version for superior experience. Independently developed [...]

PortSIP Delivered Product to Chubb for Build Mission Critical Communication System

PortSIP and Chubb

PortSIP had announced delivered products to Chubb for building Mission Critical Communication System. Chubb, based in UK with 30,000 employees and more than 200 million clients in globe, is the toppest leading provider for security and fire protection over worldwide. With the modern development, cities around the world are seeking new technologies to tackle challenges [...]

PortSIP PBX v8 is available

PortSIP PBX 9.4.7

April 8, 2017 — PortSIP, developer of the next-generation software-based Unified Communications Solution, announces its latest release. PortSIP PBX v8 is designed with a brand new PBX Management Console to enable more stability, more features, higher security and compatibility, a user-friend interface and easier using. The free version support maximum 5 simultaneous calls. The easiest [...]

PortSIP VoIP SDK v11.2.3 is released

PortSIP WebRTC Gateway

May 30, 2016 - PortSIP -- A leading provider of VoIP, software-based IP PBX, WebRTC and video conferencing technologies over IP and wireless networks, released the PortSIP VoIP SDK new verrsion: v11.2.3. PortSIP VoIP SDK offers significant time savings over SIP standards, it's complies with IETF and 3GPP standards, delivers high performance, and provides advanced [...]

Dialogic Corporation select PortSIP for create communications solution

PortSIP and Dialogic

March 25, 2016 - PortSIP -- A leading provider of VoIP, software-based IP PBX, WebRTC and video conferencing technologies over IP and wireless networks, -- and Dialogic Corporation -- the industry leader of cloud-optimized real-time multimedia processing solutions, customizable applications, and network infrastructure solutions -- announce that PortSIP provide the products to Dialogic for build [...]