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PortSIP PBX 9.4 正式发布

PortSIP PBX 9.4

2018年4月5日,领先的下一代统一通信系统开发商博瞻信息 (PortSIP Solutions, Inc.) 宣布他们最新的 PortSIP PBX v9.4 正式发布。 功能丰富,强大的、基于软件实现的统一通信系统,为本地部署和云平台所设计 PortSIP PBX v9.4 包括如下更新: 新增支持 Linux 系统, 可以顺畅运行在 CentOS, RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu 等主流发行版本上 支持视频通话录制 提供 REST API 可以管理,下载语音邮件和音视频通话录制文件,以及会议录制文件 提供 REST API 允许客户端 APP 使用 EMAIL 和 Web 密码登录来取代 SIP 账号密码登录 更强大的安全功能用来抵御基于IP包的拒绝服务攻击和基于虚假认证的穷举密码攻击 新增设置允许的外呼国家 新增处理E164格式号码的功能 修复一些BUG 增强了系统的稳定性 您可以访问 PortSIP PBX 免费下载页面  进行下载并进行测试。

PortSIP Announces INTERBIT as a New Distributor

PortSIP Distributor

Feb 2 2018— PortSIP, the software-based Unified Communications Solution and INTERBIT, Greece-based IT Distributor are pleased to announce a new partnership, making INTERBIT an official exclusive distributor of PortSIP in Greece and Cyprus.     INTERBIT is a specialty IT Distributor of advanced voice, data and video communications, and technologies headquartered in Heraklion, Crete Greece. Through their network [...]



Recently PortSIP  announced successful interoperability testing between PortSIP PBX and Htek IP Phones. Htek IP phones are featured with extraordinary performance, reliable quality and simplified configuration. It can smoothly to work with PortSIP PBX to deliver businesses and SMB markets reliable and cost-efficient unified communication solutions. “We’re proud to be a compatible partner with PortSIP”, [...]

PortSIP PBX 9.0 is ready

PortSIP PBX v9.0 is ready

Dec 8, 2017 — PortSIP Solutions, Inc., developer of the software-based Unified Communications Solution, announces the PortSIP PBX V9.0 is ready! A Complete, Powerful, Unified Communications Solution for both on-premise deployment and cloud With PortSIP V9, a lot of new features and enhancements vital in V9 are made come true for premises-based and cloud deployment, [...]

How Can the Right Phone System Make Life Easier for a Small-to-Medium Business?

PortSIP PBX for SMBs

When we talk to small-to-medium businesses (SMB) about their communications needs, several key themes emerge. First of all, they want a system that just works—totally reliable and something they don’t have to worry about during evenings and weekends. So far, so good. Another recurring theme is around having a system that can grow and develop with the [...]